Glorious Day For A Bike Ride On Cape Cod!


From the blizzard last week to 62 degrees yesterday… Wow! The snow is almost all gone and it feels like spring!

So, I got my bike out and took my first bike ride of the season! It was awesome! I have never biked in February and I even wore shorts! How cool is that?

This is my “selfie” at Boat Meadow Beach on Cape Cod Bay.. My arm isn’t quite long enough, but you can get the picture. 🙂

Eastern Red Cedar Trees At Fort Hill In Eastham On Cape Cod


It was really cool to see the cut Eastern Red Cedar trees at Fort Hill on Cape Cod. They are thinning the forest while using the wood to anchor the boardwalk that is being repaired along the Red Maple Swamp Trail.

I knew they were called Eastern red Cedar trees, but I never fully realized why. Look at the inside of the tree. Wow! It is really red!

Part of the Red Maple Swamp Trail has been closed for a number of years, but should reopen this spring. What  a treat that will be! This trail makes a loop from Fort Hill through the swamp to Hemenway Landing and then back up to Fort Hill. The views are spectacular.

It is  a beautiful hike and a must if you are in the area!

Wiley Park On Cape Cod After The Blizzard


There were a lot of downed trees at Wiley Park in Eastham on Cape Cod after the blizzard. Hiking over the bridge that separates the two kettle ponds, you can see one of the trees that is leaning pretty precariously. We couldn’t take our favorite hike as there were too many trees blocking the trail.

I couldn’t decide which photograph I like better… color or black and white. What do you think?

Hiking Wiley Park On Cape Cod After The Blizzard


We had to pick and choose our trails at Wiley Park this week with all of the downed trees. Many of them were blocking the trail. The winds were in excess of 65mph and many of the huge old Eastern White Pine trees fell.

Phil took this photograph of me hiking on one of the trails that we could maneuver at Wiley Park. The snow was so pretty…


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