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Baby Baltimore Oriole In The Bird Bath On Cape Cod


We have so many baby Baltimore Orioles in our yard this summer! It is so much fun. This little guy was still wet from his bath. The coloring of the babies is so different from the adults with almost muted yellow and brown coloring.

I loved the yellow Daylilies in the background. Cute little guy, don’t you think?

Purple Climbing Nightshade Wildflower At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


The Climbing Nightshade wildflowers, also known as Bittersweet Nightshade,  are just beautiful at Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod. You can see them on the trail near the Cutting Rock or on the trail leading up to the overlook parking lot.

Climbing Nightshade wildflowers are a climbing vine with purple shooting star-shaped flowers of about 1/2″ which grow in clusters at the ends of long stems. Their petals are swept back from a yellow central “beak.”

Exquisite little wildflower, don’t you think?

American Copper Butterfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


I almost missed this  little American Copper butterfly at Fort Hill on Cape Cod. He was pretty camouflaged until he opened his wings for a second and I saw the beautiful orange color and black spots.

American Copper butterflies are small, only about 1″ with orange forewings and about 8 black dots and a black outer edge. When their wings are closed up, they look light grey with fine black dots and blend in very nicely .

Have you ever seen an American Copper butterfly?

Contortionist Grackle At Our Suet Feeder On Cape Cod


The Grackles are pretty pesky in their persistence in getting our suet from the feeder. They will try anything and are often successful.

Phil thought he had a foolproof idea this time. He put an empty suet feeder under the full one so the Grackles and Blue Jays couldn’t jump up and get it. It worked for a bit…until this contortionist Grackle figured out how to get the suet…upside down!

Amazing, huh?