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A Glorious Day For Biking On Cape Cod


Yesterday morning was a perfect morning to go for a bike ride on Cape Cod. It was sunny and cool and just perfect.

I started out biking down to Rock Harbor and then back on the Cape Cod Bike Trail. This is always gorgeous

I took this photograph at Boat Meadow which was absolutely stunning. Perfect day for a bike ride…

Glorious Day For A Bike Ride On Cape Cod!


From the blizzard last week to 62 degrees yesterday… Wow! The snow is almost all gone and it feels like spring!

So, I got my bike out and took my first bike ride of the season! It was awesome! I have never biked in February and I even wore shorts! How cool is that?

This is my “selfie” at Boat Meadow Beach on Cape Cod Bay.. My arm isn’t quite long enough, but you can get the picture. ūüôā

Silvery Checkerspot Butterflies On The Bike Trail To Coast Guard Beach


I saw these two Silvery Checkerspot butterflies last September as we were taking a walk down the Cape Cod Bike Trail to Coast Guard Beach. There were a lot of butterflies flitting about that day.

It’s not often that I get two of them on the same flower, so I clicked away! They love the Goldenrod wildflowers.

The walk from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach is pretty any time of the year. It is short and easy and you pass on the bike trail for a bit. There is always a lot to see!

Pretty Yellow Birdfoot Trefoil Wildflowers On Cape Cod


Yellow Birdfoot Trefoil wildflowers are growing al along the Cape Cod Bike Trail. They are so pretty.

Birdfoot Trefoil Has bright yellow irregularly shaped 1/2″ flowers in little clusters. The plant grows 6-18″ tall from June to September.

Check the side of the bike path if you’re riding or walking along. Maybe you can see a little Birdfoot Trefoil wildflower.

Biking Cape Cod Is Absolutely Gorgeous!



One of my favorite bike rides here on Cape Cod is the¬†Cape Cod Bike Trail to the Salt Pond Visitor’s Center and then out to Coast Guard Beach. It takes in everything.¬†You can see the salt marshes, the kettle ponds, the woods, the meadows, the beach and much more.

I bumped into¬†¬†a man on the wooden bridge over the salt marsh the other day and I said to him, “Beautiful view, huh?” He replied, “Everywhere you¬†turn¬†there are beautiful views here on Cape Cod! I haven’t seen a bad view yet!”¬†How true!

When I get to Coast Guard Beach, there are some benches and a picnic table to sit and relax. It doesn’t get much better!