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Red Maple Swamp Trail At Fort Hill On Cape Cod Is All Open


Part of the Red Maple Swamp Trail at Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod has been closed for years, needing many repairs. Well, the repairs to that part are completed and the whole trail is open again!

Next time you are on Cape Cod, put it on your list of To-Do’s. It is so much fun for the whole family!

Walking To Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


I loved this photograph of the beach fence as you walk down to Coast Guard Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod. I thought the fence with the Wild Roses were so simple yet so pretty.

Coast Guard Beach, on the National Seashore,  was  voted the #6 Best Beach in the USA again this year! It is a gorgeous beach that stretches for miles…

Put it on your Bucket List if you haven’t been there! It’s hard to beat!

Gorgeous Day For A Walk On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


It was a gorgeous day for a walk from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach last weekend through the woods and over the salt marsh. It is still a bit cold, especially with the winds, so we haven’t put away our winter parkas yet. Hopefully soon!

I love the walk down to the water through the dunes at Coast Guard Beach. So pretty, don’t you think?

Young’s Fish Market At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod


Young’s Fish Market at Rock Harbor on Cape Cod is a very popular place in the summer time.

“Located right by the docks at Rock Harbor in Orleans, MA, Young’s Fish Market is the perfect place to pick up a lobster roll and your fresh fish, fresh lobster or fresh shellfish for lunch or dinner! Walk the flats, check out the charter boats, and stroll over to Young’s for the catch of the day. You won’t find a more quality or picturesque fish and shellfish market on Cape!”

This will be a happening place very soon!

Adorable Eastern Bluebird Taking A Bath In Our Bird Bath On Cape Cod


This little Eastern Blue was so cute taking a bath in our bird bath here on Cape Cod. He wasn’t even afraid to bathe while the Mourning Dove stood by watching him. He then shook off on the side of the bird bath.

The last photograph shows him high on a branch in the tree drying off and warming up in the sun.

It must be almost spring. I’ve seen a lot of birds at our bird bath this winter getting a drink of water, but not too many having a bath! Too cute!

Nauset Beach In Orleans On Cape Cod Is Really Small After The Blizzard


I took a ride to Nauset Beach, part of the National Seashore, in Orleans on Cape Cod yesterday was was so surprised to see how small the beach had become after the blizzard a couple of weeks ago. You can see the high water mark and it is pretty high. There’s only a few  feet of beach for people to sit on at high tide.

The dunes at Nauset Beach were pretty eroded too and the walk down to the beach by Liam’s Restaurant was surprisingly  steep. It almost seems like all of the sand that eroded from Nauset Beach ended up on Coast Guard Beach a few miles away.

I took these 2 photographs looking in opposite directions on the beach. The high water mark on the first photograph is pretty high!