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Cute Little Squirrel On Our Deck On Cape Cod



I keep finding little piles of roses “gone by” on our deck here on Cape Cod. They look almost like a Rosehip but much smaller. And there are always a few little piles strewn about.

So I scouted the other morning and found this little squirrel grabbing a little rose from the bush and jumping on the deck to savor his feast. He did this numerous times and would always feast in a different spot.

Cute little guy, don’t you think?

Last Daisy Of The Season At Our Home On Cape Cod



I was so surprised to one one last Daisy blooming in our garden here on Cape Cod this week. It looked so pretty.

I thought I was finished picking all of the flowers in our gardens for the season, but this little Daisy proved me wrong. I still have a few more days to enjoy the flowers here on Cape Cod!


Beautiful Flowers On Salt Pond Trail In Eastham On Cape Cod


The flowers, which have gone by, are still so pretty on the Salt Pond Trail in Eastham on Cape Cod. It is a beautiful little hike which starts at the Visitor’s Center and goes along the Salt Pond, Nauset Marsh and then back through the woods. There are other trails leading off of that one if you feel like  a longer hike.

The views are just spectacular. What do you think?