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Walking Out To Nauset Spit On The National Seashore In Eastham On Cape Cod


It was a glorious day to walk out to Nauset Spit on Cape Cod from Coast Guard Station. Nauset Spit is where Nauset Beach splits and lets the water into Nauset Marsh. It is ever changing with the changing of the beach sand.

The last time we had been there was about 10 years ago before we moved to Colorado. We had paddled our kayaks out through Nauset Marsh and had a picnic in that same spot. It was so much fun.

We are definitely looking forward to getting our kayaks out next summer and paddling out to Nauset Spit for a picnic. Can’t wait!

Canoe Or Kayak From Hemenway Landing On Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod


There were lots of canoes and kayaks in the water and  on land at Hemenway Landing in Eastham on Cape Cod. What a great place to launch your canoe or kayak and paddle out to Nauset Spit. It doesn’t get much prettier!

But be careful of the tides and the channel markers so you don’t get stuck in the mud at low tide!

Early Morning At The Town In Orleans On Cape Cod… Color Or Black And White?



This scenery was stunning on the Town Cove in Orleans on Cape Cod early this morning. Everything looked so pristine!


Or… do you like the retro black and white photograph better?