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Interesting Snail Shells On The trails At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


I saw these 2 pretty snail shells on one of the trails at Fort Hill the other day. I thought perhaps a bird had dropped them there after eating them for lunch. Their coloring was very distinctive.

A few days later I saw some more of these shells and then they started moving!   I then realized that they were indeed snail shells with the snails still inside!

Lots Of Fiddler Crabs At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod


If you walk out to the beach at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary at low tide you can see thousands and thousands of Fiddler Crabs scurrying about the mudflats and into their little holes in the mud. They are everywhere!

You can see the vast mudflats in the second photograph. They seem to go on forever.

Have you ever seen a Fiddler Crab? You can tell the males by their exceptionally large claw which is shaped like a fiddle, thus the name “Fiddler Crab.”

A Seal At Morris Island In Chatham On Cape Cod


Morris Island in Chatham is an awesome hike that leads you all along the beaches facing South Beach with Monomoy Island in the far distance. Phil and I headed out early, with our binoculars, hoping to do some birding.

As we meandered along I saw this thing flapping in the breeze. I had no clue what it was… maybe a discarded paper bag?

As we got closer we could see that it was a seal! It was flubbing along through the beach grass at a very slow rate heading toward the water. All if a sudden it turned and went back up to the tall grasses. I guess it would wait until high tide to get out to the ocean again.

He gave me a nice smile as we walked by. Cute little guy, huh? Actually, he was quite large!