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Pretty Blue Chicory Wildflowers At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


Bright blue Chicory wildflowers are blooming all over Fort Hill on Cape Cod. Their intense blue color makes them easy to spot on the sides of the trails or in the fields.

Chicory grows on a stiff stalk and has numerous 1 and 1/2″ stemless flower heads with fringed petals.  These bloom for only one day  from June to October.

The part of the Chicory that always catches my eye are the exquisite stamens and pistils in the center. They look like little blue rods with a lasso at the top. Just beautiful!

What do you think?


Spotted Wintergreen Wildflowers At Our Home On Cape Cod


We have a lot of Spotted Wintergreen wildflowers growing right near our home here on Cape Cod. They are such an interesting wildflower.

You can see in the second photograph the little bud on the left and the flower starting to bloom on the right. When it is fully bloomed, it flips over and you can see the delicate little flower as it faces the sun.

The Spotted Wintergreen is native and its flower is small, only about 1″ which grows in July and August.  Native Americans used its leaf tea to treat rheumatism and stomach problems, and crushed leaves were applied as a poultice to sores and wounds. Spotted Wintergreen is considered rare in New England.

The Yuccas Are Blooming And Hardy Here On Cape Cod


The Yuccas are absolutely stunning this year on Cape Cod. I wonder if it’s because of all the moisture that we’ve had.

I saw this “pastoral scene” with the luscious Yuccas on one of my early morning bike rides around to the different beaches. It’s amazing what you can see when you’re not worried about traffic and pedestrians.

I edited it in 2 different ways. Which one do you like better?

The Yuccas seem to grow quite well on Cape Cod due to the sandy soil and the amount of rain that Cape Cod receives during the growing months.

Purple Climbing Nightshade Wildflower At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


The Climbing Nightshade wildflowers, also known as Bittersweet Nightshade,  are just beautiful at Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod. You can see them on the trail near the Cutting Rock or on the trail leading up to the overlook parking lot.

Climbing Nightshade wildflowers are a climbing vine with purple shooting star-shaped flowers of about 1/2″ which grow in clusters at the ends of long stems. Their petals are swept back from a yellow central “beak.”

One of my friends just commented that these plants are extremely toxic. I did some research on the internet and learned:

“The foliage is toxic to many people and should be handled with care. The fruit is said to also be toxic, particularly to children.”

Be careful and not touch this wildflower!

Thanks, Mike, for the “heads up!”

Pretty Yellow Mouse-Ear Hawkweed Wildflowers On Cape Cod


These yellow Mouse-Ear wildflowers are growing everywhere here on Cape Cod. They are really pretty and seem to grow like fields of flowers.

I saw many of them on the trails at Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod. I loved this macro where you can see the center of the flower.

What do you think?

Mouse-Ear Hawkweed is the only one of the Hawkweeds which a mere amateur has any chance of identifying it. Hawkweed is used in sunscreen lotions.