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Pretty Yellow Buttercup Wildflowers At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


There are so many little, yellow Buttercups blooming at Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod. I love seeing the little wildflowers start to bloom and bring such pretty color to their surroundings.

I saw this Buttercup near the first parking lot at Fort Hill a few days ago but if you keep walking, you will see fields of them all around!

Pretty Pink Money Plants On Cape Cod


Last year when I saw these plants growing all over Cape Cod, I thought they were another kind of Wild Geranium. This year I researched them a bit more and found out they are Money Plants and very abundant this time of year on Cape Cod.

These Money Plants are grown for their silvery white, flattened, disc-like seed pods. But… the flowers are pretty spectacular too!

I couldn’t decide which photograph I liked better… the more simple one or the dramatic one. What do you think?


Pretty Pink Stork’s-Bill Wildflower On Cape Cod


I love the bright pink Stork’s-Bill wildflowers that bloom very early on Cape Cod. They were one of the first to bloom along the trails in Colorado too.

They are so small and delicate with 5 petals and grow close to the ground. I saw these in huge patches at National Seashore Visitor’s Center in Eastham.

Have you ever seen Stork’s-Bill wildflowers?


Beautiful Blue Wildflower On Cape Cod


I saw this beautiful blue wildflower at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary the other day, in the garden outside the Nature Center.  I think it is Blue-Eyed Grass,  It was so pretty and so delicate.

Does anyone know if it is Blue-Eyed Grass?

Since I wrote this Blog, someone commented that it is a Glory of the Snow wildflower. Kudos to my readers for taking the time to help me identify it!  Thank you!!


Cute Little Squirrel On Our Deck On Cape Cod



I keep finding little piles of roses “gone by” on our deck here on Cape Cod. They look almost like a Rosehip but much smaller. And there are always a few little piles strewn about.

So I scouted the other morning and found this little squirrel grabbing a little rose from the bush and jumping on the deck to savor his feast. He did this numerous times and would always feast in a different spot.

Cute little guy, don’t you think?