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Cute Little Squirrel On Our Deck On Cape Cod



I keep finding little piles of roses “gone by” on our deck here on Cape Cod. They look almost like a Rosehip but much smaller. And there are always a few little piles strewn about.

So I scouted the other morning and found this little squirrel grabbing a little rose from the bush and jumping on the deck to savor his feast. He did this numerous times and would always feast in a different spot.

Cute little guy, don’t you think?

Last Daisy Of The Season At Our Home On Cape Cod



I was so surprised to one one last Daisy blooming in our garden here on Cape Cod this week. It looked so pretty.

I thought I was finished picking all of the flowers in our gardens for the season, but this little Daisy proved me wrong. I still have a few more days to enjoy the flowers here on Cape Cod!


Yellow Common Winter Cress Wildflowers Are Blooming By The Salt Pond In Eastham On Cape Cod


I couldn’t believe it when I saw these pretty yellow Common Winter Cress wildflowers blooming along the trail at the Salt Pond on the National Seashore on Cape Cod. I thought all of the wildflowers would be long gone by now.

Common Winter Cress, which grow to 1-2 feet,  have 4 petals with flowers at the end of the upright stalks. The flowers are about 1″ and grow from May to September. Maybe because we’ve been having such a mild fall, they are still growing?

It was such a treat to see these yellow wildflowers growing along the trail so late in the season.