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Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod is Huge After The Blizzard


We were surprised to see how huge Coast Guard Beach had gotten after the blizzard a couple of weeks ago. The dunes had eroded tremendously and the beach had grown tremendously.

Have you ever seen Coast Guard Beach this huge?

It is amazing what Mother Nature can do!

Coast Guard Beach Dunes Are Huge On Cape Cod


We were at Coast Guard Beach on the National Seashore a couple of weeks ago. It looked pretty much the same as last summer. We took a a walk down there this past weekend, a week after the blizzard, and the changes were astounding!

The dunes eroded quite a bit since we were last there. And the beach was huge! I have never seen it look so big. I guess with the sand that was washed away from the dunes, it was displaced on the beach.

Absolutely incredible! Look at those dunes!



Coast Guard Beach In Eastham On Cape Cod Was Popular This Past Weekend


There were a lot of people at Coast Guard Beach, on the National Seashore in Eastham enjoying the spectacular weather this past weekend! It was in the low 60s and just gorgeous. We walked down from Doane Rock and were surprised that the parking lot was full and there were plenty of cars waiting for that prized vacant spot.

It was fun to see so many people on the beach. It reminded me of Christmas  a year ago when the temperatures were in the 60s and people were even swimming. No swimmers today, but a lot of toes in the water!

Gorgeous Trail To Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


It was another beautiful day for a hike to Coast Guard Beach  on the National Seashore on Cape Cod. The clouds were unbelievable! With the Coast Guard Station in the background and Nauset Marsh, it doesn’t get much prettier!

Phil and I took the same photograph… same place, same time., different perspective. What do you think?

Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod At Low Tide


I loved the ripples in the sand at low tide here at Coast Guard Beach, part of the  National Seashore, on Cape Cod. When I got home and looked at the photograph on my computer, I noticed the little set of bird tracks through it.

Cute, don’t you think? They are quite small… I wonder what kind of bird it was.