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Early Morning On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


It was a spectacular morning to take a walk on Coast Guard Beach, part of the National Seashore, on Cape Cod. It was perfect solitude as no one else was around on this early in the day.

Just me and the Seagulls and the water at low tide…. love it!


Gorgeous Day For A Walk On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


It was a gorgeous day for a walk from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach last weekend through the woods and over the salt marsh. It is still a bit cold, especially with the winds, so we haven’t put away our winter parkas yet. Hopefully soon!

I love the walk down to the water through the dunes at Coast Guard Beach. So pretty, don’t you think?

Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Looks So Different From A Month Ago


I posted a photograph of Coast Guard Beach, part of the National Seashore, at the end of February after a huge storm when the beach looked huge! It was almost as if all of the sand from Nauset Beach got swept to Coast Guard Beach a couple of miles away.

So, we were very surprised when we took a walk down to Coast Guard Beach last weekend, after another big storm and there was very little beach even at low tide. You can see how high the tide comes in at high tide now. Look at how the waves have dug out the beach. And this is low tide. Wow!

It is truly amazing the force of Mother Nature!

Sanderlings At Coast Guard Beach, On The National Seashore, On Cape Cod


These little sanderlings were gathered together at low tide on Coast Guard Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod. They are such cute little birds and seem to travel as one…in a pack. If one moves to the right, they all do. They love to scurry around on the sandbars. Sanderlings are quite amusing to watch!

Have you ever seen a Sanderling?  Such a fun little bird!