Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod is Huge After The Blizzard


We were surprised to see how huge Coast Guard Beach had gotten after the blizzard a couple of weeks ago. The dunes had eroded tremendously and the beach had grown tremendously.

Have you ever seen Coast Guard Beach this huge?

It is amazing what Mother Nature can do!

We Almost Got Stuck At High Tide At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod


What a morning we had at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on Cape Cod! It was a gorgeous day for a hike so we headed out on the trail to the beach. You have to go over a little boardwalk when you get to the marsh and then onto a trail and then over a longer boardwalk to the beach on Cape Cod Bay. It is just spectacular!

Well, we got to the first little boardwalk and walked across and onto the trail to the next boardwalk. We couldn’t walk very far because a lot of it was underwater! We had not been there in a long time and thought maybe the coastline or marsh had changed and the water was higher. You can see it going under water on both ends.

So we turned around and started back down the trail. Oh no! When we got to the first boardwalk, it was under water! How would we get across? We could see the water rising pretty fast, so we quickly took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our jeans and waded across. Not what we expected to do in February!

We tried taking the loop trail back but the water was rising very quickly and we could see the trail being swallowed up. We could hear it gurgling in the marsh. It was a pretty eerie sound. Instead of getting stuck again, we opted to turn around and, hopefully, make it back to the original trail before the water did.

We made it to the trail and sat on the bench for a while and watched the water coming in. We couldn’t believe how fast it rose. You can see the first boardwalk in the center of the last photograph. It looks like a little white square surrounded by water. And that water was pretty deep!

So… some wet sneakers and dirty feet, but all in all, a very interesting and unnerving adventure! Lesson learned: Do not hike this trail an hour before or after high tide!


Great Blue Heron On Salt Pond Trail On Cape Cod


I’ve seen quite a few Great Blue Herons this winter by the salt marshes on Cape Cod. This one was hidden in the grasses on the Salt Pond Trail in Eastham on the National Seashore. I saw him as he stood up tall hunting for lunch in the creek.

The Great Blue Heron is still my favorite bird. He is so beautiful and majestic, especially in the summer when all his plumage is on display!

Coast Guard Beach Dunes Are Huge On Cape Cod


We were at Coast Guard Beach on the National Seashore a couple of weeks ago. It looked pretty much the same as last summer. We took a a walk down there this past weekend, a week after the blizzard, and the changes were astounding!

The dunes eroded quite a bit since we were last there. And the beach was huge! I have never seen it look so big. I guess with the sand that was washed away from the dunes, it was displaced on the beach.

Absolutely incredible! Look at those dunes!



Beautiful Eastern Bluebirds At Our Feeder On Cape Cod


We have had so many gorgeous Eastern Bluebirds at our feeders the past couple of weeks. I wonder if the bad weather brought them in. I’ve seen them frequently in the meadows this winter, but never so much in the wooded areas.

Hmmm… Or maybe because we have a few less trees and they think this is now a meadow?  🙂

They love the shelled sunflower seeds and just picking at the seed remnants on the ground. This little guy was getting a drink at our bird bath. Beautiful, don’t you think?