Gorgeous Red-Tailed Hawk In Our Yard On Cape Cod.


I went out to feed the birds around dinnertime last night and there were no birds out there. That was strange. So I filled the 2 bird baths and was getting ready to fill the meal worm feeder. Still no birds. (Click on blog link for other photo.) But I heard a lot of chatter from above. I could hear a very persistent Downy Woodpecker and a Robin that wouldn’t be quiet. He was chirping away!

I looked up and, right above me, was this gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk sitting in the tree, waiting for the birds to come back. But with all of the alarm calls from the other birds, no one was to be found.

I quietly tapped on the window and Phil handed me my camera and I clicked away. I couldn’t decide which pose I like better. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Gorgeous Red-Tailed Hawk In Our Yard On Cape Cod.”

  1. I don’t know why, but I like his over-the-shoulder pose.
    He’s very focussed. Did he use the feeders or just give up and leave?

  2. Gorgeous hawk!! I absolutely love both poses, Mel!! Just makes me wonder what thoughts are in his mind. Beautiful photos!

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