Baby Raccoons At Our Litttle Bird Bath On Cape Cod.


We originally bought our little bird bath, which sits on the ground, for the little animals that needed a drink but couldn’t reach the taller bird bath.  We realized that all the animals and the birds liked to drink from it and the birds loved taking a bath in the little one. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I looked out the window yesterday evening after dinner and there were these two little baby raccoons taking a drink. They were just adorable. They stayed around the yard for a bit. They must be the little ones from the mom that was coming around a couple of weeks ago looking for food.

So cute, don’t you think? Just maybe a little too big for that bird bath! Ha!

2 thoughts on “Baby Raccoons At Our Litttle Bird Bath On Cape Cod.”

  1. There is a children’s poem (and book) by Sharon Hanzik, a retired park ranger:
    Raccoons Don’t Need Spoons


  2. These baby raccoons are adorable!! We, too, have our bird bath at ground level and it is very popular amongst birds and mammals alike. We get to enjoy them all!!
    Thanks for sharing these furry delights with us!

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