These Baby Raccoons In Our Yard Are Just Too Cute On Cape Cod!


These two little baby raccoons keep coming around our yard for a drink of water. They start at the little bird bath, but drink it dry, as you can see in the 2nd photo. They then make it over to the tall bird bath and climb up for a long drink. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

These photos were just too cute not to post! Loved this little guy walking across the yard!

2 thoughts on “These Baby Raccoons In Our Yard Are Just Too Cute On Cape Cod!”

  1. Years ago I taught a good book about a boy and his pet raccoon: Rascal, a Memoir of a Better Era by Sterling North.

    I still have a small green agate I purchased for “show and tell” during the lessons; if I remember correctly, Rascal enjoyed turning over agates in a nearby stream.

  2. I love these adorable little raccoons and I also love Linda’s story.
    What a memorable experience you share with Rascal, the perfect name for a raccoon!!

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