A Perfect Windy Day For Sailing At Wellfleet Harbor On Cape Cod.

We stopped at Wellfleet Harbor on our way back from Provincetown to see the boats and enjoy the harbor. There is always so much going on and it’s fun just to watch the boats. We both had sailed quite a bit years ago but have not been sailing in a while. (Click on blog link to see additional photos.)

We watched as the launch rounded up 3 sailboats to be rented at the dock. These 3 guys were ready and waiting for one of them. They got their instructions and hopped in and sailed away. It looked like knew what they were doing.

Just beautiful, don’t you think? It was such a windy day; I’m sure they had a great sail!


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Windy Day For Sailing At Wellfleet Harbor On Cape Cod.”

  1. Years ago, a friend and I tried to learn to sail in the same kind of boat. On the first day, we capsized, got tangled in the rigging, and had to be rescued by a tall, long-haired, bearded man who glided up on a sailboard, helped us untangle, and waited with us until a rescue boat came along. He seemed to have walked on water…

    Feeling we had used up our quota of good graces, we did not attempt a second lesson. :-0

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