Awesome Osprey Having Breakfast In Our Yard On Cape Cod!


About a week ago I saw quite a large fish in our front yard. Hmmm… An Osprey must have dropped it there. It was over a foot long. (Click on blog link to see other photo!)

Then 2 days ago as I was walking outside I noticed an Osprey way up high in the tree right next to our house. I thought that was very interesting. I’ve seen the Osprey flying overhead many times but never seen one land in my yard. It flew away as soon as it saw me.

Then yesterday I walked outside and heard the Osprey chirping very loudly. I looked up and there it was again… with a huge fish on the branch. The fish kept flopping around, as you can see in the 2nd photograph. It flew off after a few minutes, with the fish.

And then about and hour and a half later, the Osprey was back with another large fish, chirping as loud as could be from high atop the branch. It was incredible!

How cool is that?

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