Interesting Seaweed On Cape Cod Bay Beaches.

I have seen so many of these interesting bits of seaweed on the beaches on Cape Cod Bay recently. There is a big clump of seaweed attached to some shells which sometimes are all stuck together. Sometimes there might also be a rock attached. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I thought they were pretty interesting. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Interesting Seaweed On Cape Cod Bay Beaches.”

  1. My wife and I are doing some research on this very thing. We have noticed huge amounts of slipper shells with this seaweed attached. Piles of them washed up on the bay side beaches and in the tidal pools around Rock Harbor, and also Corn Hill beach. No doubt other bay beaches as well. Reading about slipper shells has taught us that they have increased dramatically in local waters over the past several decades. Assumably because of warming waters and nutrient runoff from the usual culprits. Septic and fertilizers.

  2. Just visiting Cape Cod for the first time. Saw the same thing and took many pictures. I’ve never seen this before and wondering what it was called. I am gathering from this exchange that this is not a common phenomenon here as I had assumed. I will certainly be interested in hearing what the punchline is to your research, John.

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