Razorbill At Wellfleet Harbor On Cape Cod.


Phil and I were on our way up to Provincetown and decided to stop for a picnic breakfast at Wellfleet Harbor. We had packed our usual 1/2 bagel with peanut butter and jelly and a small thermos of oatmeal. Perfect for a picnic.

There were a lot of Buffleheads swimming about in the bay. And then I saw this other bird farther out. I got my camera and clicked away and got a photograph that could at least identify the seabird.

When I contacted Stephanie Ellis, the Executive Director at Wild Care Cape Cod, she confirmed that it was a Razorbill which is a large seabird with black upperparts and white underparts. Its thick, curved bill has a white band around it, which you cannot see in the photograph.

Have you ever seen a Razorbill? That was my first! Thank you, Stephanie for your expertise!


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