A Baltimore Oriole Was In My Yard Yesterday On Cape Cod!

I had never seen a Baltimore Oriole in the winter here on Cape Cod, so it was pretty exciting to see one in my yard yesterday! I had to look it up on my iPhone Sleuth Photo Recognizer to identify it. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

At first the Baltimore Oriole was on the ground eating whatever seeds or suet dropped from the feeder by the other birds when I remembered the grape jelly! I quickly got the grape jelly feeder dish and filled it up and hung it outside. (I usually put it away in early September.) Within a few minutes, he had found the feeder and was enjoying that jelly. (He eventually made it to some of the other seed feeders too.)

With the temperature of  9 degrees and a wind chill of minus 2 with gusty snow,  it was bitter cold outside. This last photo shows him all tucked into a little ball trying to stay warm. I couldn’t even find his head!

Yesterday was a blast! I just sat by the window and clicked away. It was like an all-day show with the birds! Sometimes there were over 30-40 in the yard! What a treat!

4 thoughts on “A Baltimore Oriole Was In My Yard Yesterday On Cape Cod!”

  1. Word must have gotten around that the Bountiful Buffet is open!

    The oriole evidently has beautiful colors no matter the season!

  2. What a beautiful bird! It sure is great at that all your feathered friends can find a tasty meal at your feeder!
    Stay warm and cozy!

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