Waiting For Lunch In Our Yard On Cape Cod!


I walked by our bay window and saw a huge bird on our bird feeder, so I quickly grabbed my camera and clicked. I was so positive that it was a Red-tailed Hawk that I didn’t even think twice about it. He was sitting on top of the feeder patiently waiting for the birds which were noticeable absent.

Until… I put it on my computer and realized that it was a Cooper’s Hawk and he was a beauty! I only got one shot and this was it! Beautiful bird, don’t you think? Have you ever seen a Cooper’s Hawk?


4 thoughts on “Waiting For Lunch In Our Yard On Cape Cod!”

  1. Wow, Mel, what an incredible photo of this Cooper’s hawk!!
    He looks utterly majestic and wouldn’t you just love to know what this guy is thinking?

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