Huge Raccoon High In The tree In Our Yard On Cape Cod!

Yesterday morning about 6:00 am Phil yelled to me, “What is that way up in the tree? It looks like a bear!” I thought… a bear on Cape Cod? Doubtful! But this thing was pretty big! (Click on blog link for other photos.)

I got my camera and clicked away… it was a huge raccoon. It kept climbing and climbing up and up and up! He would climb out on the branches and then keep going up. I bet he was looking for bird’s nests with eggs in them. I don’t think he found any.

You can see just how high he is in the 3rd photograph, about 3/4s of the way up the tree in the center of the photo (see arrow).  And then he came down… head first! That was a first for me! I thought he would come down backwards… like a bear.

Pretty cool, don’t you think? Sure was an exciting early morning!!



One thought on “Huge Raccoon High In The tree In Our Yard On Cape Cod!”

  1. I’ve seen raccoons slipping into a drainage grate at dusk, but never knew they could climb trees.

    After I saw this post, I looked it up and found videos on YouTube! 🙂

    Who knew?

    An amazing post! Thanks!

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