Baby Bluebirds On Cape Cod Are Still In Their Birdhouse!

I was so surprised to see that the baby Bluebirds and their parents still spend a good deal of time in their birdhouse. I always thought that, once they have fledged, they are gone from the birdhouse. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I’ve seen them fly in and out at all times of the day. I loved this photograph of this little one looking out the door. He just looks way too big to still be in there. How on earth do they all fit in that little birdhouse? There are 3 babies, who are as big as their parents, and 2 parents!

2 thoughts on “Baby Bluebirds On Cape Cod Are Still In Their Birdhouse!”

  1. They are most likely going to have a second brood. Eastern bluebirds frequently have 2 or more per year if conditions favor it. The fledglings sometimes stick around and help feed the next bunch. Last year our Mountain Bbs had 2 successful broods. This year they returned, built a nest, then the female vanished. The male called and called for her then he left. She was most likely a predation victim. He returned and called seeking a new mate, unsuccessfully. He’s gone for now but could still return if he finds a female. Very sad. Happy yours were successful.

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