Very Talented Plein Air Painters On Cape Cod.

It is always a treat to see the plein air painters creating their beautiful works of art. We used to see them a lot in Colorado and it is so nice to see them painting here  on Cape Cod too. Each artist’s perspective and style is so different, even though they are usually near each other while painting.

We saw a plein air artist at Boat Meadow  Beach the other morning while we were having a picnic breakfast. We watched her for quite a quite and were fascinated by her painting. It looked like she was splashing color on her canvas and then stroking it in… such talent! She was mesmerizing, as you can see by her beautiful depiction of Boat Meadow Beach at low tide.

We finally went outside to talk with her and ask her about her painting. Boat Meadow is her favorite beach to paint on the bay side and she loves all of the variety at Fort Hill.

So nice to chat with you, Joan, and learn a little bit about you and your craft.



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