Colorful Bobolink At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

It was such  treat to see this Bobolink land on the fence at Fort Hill the other day.  It was pretty far away but we were able to identify it and get a couple of photos. It was the first one that we’ve seen on the Cape and the first one that I’ve seen in many, many years. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

The male Bobolink sings a bright bubbly song while in flight starting with low reedy notes and rollicking upward “bob-o-link, bob-o-link, pink, pink, pink.”

I found this interesting tidbit on the internet: “The Bobolink’s common name originates from a poem written by William Cullen Bryant back in the late 19th century. William wrote about a bird he then called Robert of Lincoln. This name was shortened to Bob of Lincoln, and finally became the name it has today: Bob-o’-link.”

Have you ever seen a Bobolink or  heard its call??

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