4 thoughts on “The Monarch Butterflies Are Back On Cape Cod!”

  1. I have been capturing and raising monarch caterpillars for a few years. Last year was a big one for me, as I successfully raised and released 40 butterflies. This year so far, I have only 6 caterpillars but haven’t seen any monarchs for a week or more. Not sure why they disappear like that. Any ideas ??

    1. We have been for a few walks at Fort Hill the past couple of weeks and I haven’t seen any Monarchs in at least a week or more either. I have no idea why either… anyone else have any ideas?

  2. For the first time ever I have just experienced two monarch caterpillar deaths. Though I realize there are lots of bacteria and diseases they are susceptible to, it doesn’t make it easier. I feed my monarchs only butterfly weed and swamp weed because it’s very clean, but recently tried some milkweed which I’m not crazy about anyway because it’s always infested with eggs from other insects, and I think it’s dirty. So now I suddenly have two dead caterpillars. I certainly don’t know if it’s the milkweed or not, but no more milkweed for me.

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