Did You Ever See A Baltimore Oriole’s Nest?

I had never seen a Baltimore Oriole’s nest until we moved to Cape Cod. We had stopped at The Bird Watcher’s General Store and Mike, the owner, gave us a few pieces of a horse’s tail hair to scatter about our yard for the Baltimore Oriole’s nests. Hmmmm…

I did a little research and saw what these amazing and intricate nests looked like and bought some “sisal twine” to scatter about the yard. Not only the Baltimore Orioles pick up these long pieces of twine that they then weave into their nests high in the trees, but many of the other birds love it too.

Next year when it’s nesting season, get some sisal twine and separate it a bit and scatter it about your yard. It’s really fun to see who comes and picks it up and flies off to build their nests.



2 thoughts on “Did You Ever See A Baltimore Oriole’s Nest?”

  1. That is so interesting about the sisal twine! Thank you for this great tip, Mel. I am definitely going out give it a try.
    What a cool nest the Baltimore Orioles have built.

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