Red Berries On My Flowering Dogwood Tree Here On Cape Cod

We planted a flowering Dogwood tree in out backyard this past summer. It was very pretty with white flowers. Then this fall 1″ ed berries grew where the flower had been. I have never seen a berries like these on a Dogwood tree.

As I researched the red berries,  flowering Dogwood trees have red berries. I learned something new!

Pretty, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Red Berries On My Flowering Dogwood Tree Here On Cape Cod”

  1. I think this is a Kousa dogwood, or Japanese dogwood. We have one in our front yard. Bunnies used to eat the fallen fruit and then take a nap under the tree! Also, our tree only flowers fully every other year. On the off year, we get a few blossoms; on the blossoming year, the tree is covered!

  2. This dogwood may flower, but it is not a “flowering dogwood”, it is a Kousa Dogwood and those berries are actually edible. The Flowering Dogwood has smaller, individual berry clusters, which are NOT edible.

    If the picture is an actual picture of what grows on your tree, it is a Kousa.

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