Provincetown’s Original Town Hall Safe On Cape Cod


When the old Town Hall used to be way up on the hill where Pilgrim Monument currently is, burned down in 1877, the only thing that didn’t burn was the safe. They were able to keep it and bring it down to the new Town Hall on Commercial Street downtown. It is really cool to see.

The Provincetown Town Hall has so much  memorabilia which is open to the public and fascinating to learn about!


4 thoughts on “Provincetown’s Original Town Hall Safe On Cape Cod”

  1. Hi Mel! We miss you & Phil out here in the mountains! I’m enjoying your blog though. My genealogical research has uncovered an abundance of Cape Cod ancestors, so it’s fun to see the sights through your eyes. If I ever get a chance to do any research in person, you will have to show me around!

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