Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Is Always Spectacular!


I love walking on Coast Guard Beach is Eastham on Cape Cod. It goes for miles and miles and is just pristine. You can see why it was voted #6 in the country.

There has been a bit of erosion along the beach as you can see the high water mark quite distinctly with the 3-4 foot dunes near the water.

Always a beautiful walk… any day, any time, any weather!

2 thoughts on “Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Is Always Spectacular!”

    1. Beachgoers sit at the bottom of the dunes and have about 12 feet when high tide rolls in. It gets pretty crowded near the lifeguards at high tide, but the beach is so long you can go down for miles. Above the dunes is all beachgrass which is off-limits to everyone. It is illegal to walk on the beachgrass or dunes.

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