Beautiful Bluebirds On Cape Cod


There are lots of Bluebirds here on Cape Cod and usually you don’t have to travel far to see them. This little Bluebird loves to perch on the tree in our yard.

We put up 3 new birdhouses in April hoping that someone might occupy them this summer. We had 3 families of Chickadees move in for the first month or so. ¬†And then some Sparrows moved into 2 of the vacated houses and a Bluebird moved into the remaining house. It has always been my dream to have a Bluebird use a birdhouse in my yard. What ¬†treat! It’s been so much fun watching them come and go and bring food to their young.

Whenever I go near the house a Bluebird flies out so I know that they are still in there. This beautiful Bluebird loves to perch on the branch nearby.



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