Torrential Rains On Cape Cod Early Saturday Morning


We woke up to the rain pounding on our roof early Saturday morning here on Cape Cod. It was weird because we did not see any weather alerts before going to bed.  When Phil went down to check the basement about 12:30 AM, there was a lot of water coming in the hatchway and through the window wells.

I spent the next 3 hours bailing out the window wells outside in the pouring rain while running back inside to help Phil mop the basement floor. What a job! Not too much sleep that night!

When we finally did get up with a total of 4 1/2 hours of sleep, we learned that we had gotten 5″ of rain in just over 4 hours. Incredible!

I took this photograph of the beach at Boat Meadow where I always walk and where we like to relax. There were 2 huge gullies from the parking lot to the water and one had taken the bench down with it.

It is truly amazing what Mother Nature can do, especially with the power of water.



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