Lots Of Bluebirds At Our Birdbath On Cape Cod


It was such a treat to look outside on this frigid, single-digit temperature day and see six Bluebirds at our birdbath! Wow!

We noticed a few days ago that our birdbath was not as de-iced as it had been last year. We thought it was just the freezing temps. And then yesterday, it was a solid chunk of ice. Oh no! How were the birds going to get a drink of water that is so crucial to their well-being? Everything was frozen everywhere. So, we picked up the frozen birdbath and carried it into the garage and put a little portable heater next to it. Within a couple of hours it was melted enough around the edges to get the chunk of ice out and then the heater.

We took the birdbath heater back to the store because it was still under warranty and we got a newer, better one. Within an hour, the birds were back drinking away. And then this huge family of Bluebirds came by for a drink a few times this afternoon. They also love the berries on our new Eastern White Cedar trees.

All is good in the Tulin backyard again. The birds are happy and so are we!

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