Rare Snow Geese On My Walk On Cape Cod


I was taking a walk around my neighborhood last week, the only day when the temperatures were above 20 degrees, and saw these three Snow Geese on someone’s lawn. At first I thought they were the fake ones that blow in the breeze. But as I got closer, they were eating from the ground and preening. Hmmm… It looked like two parents and one juvenile. I didn’t have my camera (duh!) so I couldn’t take any photographs and I was too far away to use my iPhone. I didn’t go back because I thought they would be long gone.

Yesterday was the first day out of the teens for temperatures so I decided to walk back and see if those Snow Geese were still there… almost a week later. They were! What a surprise. I clicked away! And then went home to do some research.

I had never seen a Snow Goose before,  so I was quite delighted when I read that they are very rare and irregular this time of year and not seen every year. What a treat! And it looks like two parents and one juvenile.

Pretty cool, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Rare Snow Geese On My Walk On Cape Cod”

  1. Thank you for the snow geese.
    Here’s another poem.

    From “Snow Geese” by Mary Oliver

    “…One fall day I heard
    above me, and above the sting of the wind, a sound
    I did not know, and my look shot upward; it was
    a flock of snow geese, winging it
    faster than the ones we usually see,
    and, being the color of snow, catching the sun
    so they were, in part at least, golden. I
    held my breath
    as we do
    to stop time
    when something wonderful
    has touched us…”

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