Seven Northern Flickers In Our Yard On Cape Cod


A few days ago when the temps were hovering around 7 degrees, we had seven Northern Flickers in our yard. Two were on feeding the suet, three were on the ground scrounging around for some seed and two were pecking at the tree. It was quite a beautiful sight! I’ve never seen that many in any one place before so it was such a treat that they were in our yard!

This was one of the Flickers who was trying to get warm in the sun. I love how you can see the spectacular coloring on his body. Gorgeous bird, don’t you think?

One thought on “Seven Northern Flickers In Our Yard On Cape Cod”

  1. That’s about the same day I saw a flicker “flicker” past when I went out for the paper. That was also the day a flock of robins was settled in our trees and scouting the ground for food. I hope the weather doesn’t disappoint them!

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