Lots Of Seals Along The Ocean Beaches On Cape Cod

If you walk along the ocean beaches on Cape Cod, you are sure to see seals swimming along the shore, diving in and out of the waves. I’ve seen a lot of seals at Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Beach in the past few days.

If you walk all the way to Nauset Spit at low tide from either Nauset Beach or Coast Guard Beach, you can see what I call “seal island.” It is a sand bar, not too far from shore, that the seals pile on at low tide. You can hear their distinctive sounds from quite far away.

This 2nd photograph was taken from the end of Coast Guard Beach a few days ago.


2 thoughts on “Lots Of Seals Along The Ocean Beaches On Cape Cod”

  1. They are big-eyed cute, BUT if they’re the source of the Great White influx, I think they’re a problem in need of a solution.

    I wish there was a way to lure them to various other places where they could swim happily, without endangering anyone or themselves, and leave the Cape beaches a little safer.

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