The Milkweed Seeds Are Dispersing All Over Cape Cod!

The Milkweed seed pods are opening up and the seeds are ready to disperse into the air. They are amazing to watch, and so pretty.

Milkweed is the primary food for Monarch butterflies, so we hope that the seeds land everywhere… maybe even in my yard?

Pretty in the sunlight, don’t you think?

One thought on “The Milkweed Seeds Are Dispersing All Over Cape Cod!”

  1. “…Go couch you childwise in the grass,
    Believing it’s some jungle strange,
    Where mighty monsters peer and pass,
    Where beetles roam and spiders range.
    ‘Mid gloom and gleam of leaf and blade,
    What dragons rasp their painted wings!
    O magic world of shine and shade!
    O beauty land of Little Things!…”

    “The Joy of Little Things”
    Robert William Service
    (author of “The Cremation of Sam McGee)

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