Beautiful Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Hanging On The Shingle Of Our Home On Cape Cod.


I was so surprised a couple of weeks ago to see this little green Monarch butterfly chrysalis hanging on one of the shingles of our home. It was breathtaking with it gold beads so evenly spaced. It’s only about an inch tall. We have some butterfly flowers growing nearby, so a Monarch must have laid her eggs on it and the resulting caterpillar crawled over to our house and  up about 2 feet where it made its chrysalis.

I watched the metamorphosis of a Monarch on YOUTube. It is amazing! And to think that would happen in our yard was unbelievable! I highly recommend watching the video.

But… it was so late in the season. Would it make it? I googled it a bit and made a few phone calls and was told that it could make it if the weather wasn’t too cold. Well, it’s been cold, but not freezing. My fingers were still crossed. I went out daily to take photographs as the chrysalis will darken up a bit and then turn transparent so you can see the Monarch butterfly inside. And then its should emerge about 10-14 days later.

I took daily photographs  for about 10 days and then I realized that it’s still looked the same for the past week. Either its taking a very long time or it isn’t going to make it. Still keeping my fingers crossed…

Isn’t this chrysalis just spectacular?



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