Happy Valentine’s Day From Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


I decided to make a Cape Cod Valentine’s Day Card for my friends and family who love Cape Cod.  Of course the day I decided to make it was about 20 degrees with 20 mph winds. It was freezing, but I was determined.

I drove down to Coast Guard Beach in the morning when the tide was starting to come in. I found a short stick and made a heart, only to realize that my footprints were in the photograph. So, I found  a longer stick. I was all set! Now to figure out how to draw the heart, take the photograph and get out of the way before the wave came in….hmmm.

I made the heart. It looked good. I got my camera out and took a photograph as the wave started to come in. It looked good. But in all my excitement, my feet got stuck in the sand as the water came in and I fell down on my knees. Whoops! It sure was cold but I think I got a great Valentine’s Day photo for my Valentine’s Day Card.

Wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and especially everyone who loves Cape Cod!

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day From Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!”

  1. It is beautiful, Mel and thanks for the effort you put into making such a special Valentine. You certainly were determined and you did it! Happy Valentines Day to you and Phil!
    Now stay warm and safe and dry!

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