Sharp-Shinned Hawk Enjoying Lunch In Our Yard On Cape Cod.


With all of the snow that we have been having the past few days, the birds have been everywhere in our yard…  at the feeders, in the bird bath and scrounging for dropped food on the ground. Yesterday we got home later in the  morning and there were no birds to be seen. Hmmmm… (Click on blog to see other photograph.)

As we looked out our bedroom window there, under the bush, was a Sharp-shinned Hawk enjoying a meal of one of the Mourning Doves. He was content as could be and furiously picking away at what was left.

We got our cameras out and clicked away. He was in just the right light. Notice the beady eyes… that’s why they are such great hunters. By the time he flew away, there wasn’t even a bone left, just a pile of feathers. Wow…

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