Calling All Female House Sparrows On Cape Cod!!


We’ve had this male House Sparrow sitting on the birdhouse outside our bedroom chirping for the past 6 days, almost nonstop. He starts about 5:00 am and chirps until dark. We thought he had lost his mate or something catastrophic. His constant chirping is “driving us crazy!” ๐Ÿ™‚

When Phil did some research last night, he found that “Male House Sparrows take up nesting sites before the breeding season, by frequently calling beside them. Unmated males start nest construction and call particularly frequently to attract females.”

This totally explains why he has been bringing long grasses into the birdhouse and sitting on top of the birdhouse chirping non stop. (He does occasionally stop to get some food from our bird feeders or a drink from our birdbath.) He is getting the house and nest ready for when the female arrives…. which we hope is SOON!

(He is a ย bit skittish as when I try to take his photograph from outside, he will fly away. Thus, this photograph was taken from inside our bedroom, through the window and the screen.)


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