Gorgeous White Wildflower At Fort Hill On Cape Cod!


I had been watching this bud on the side of the trail at Fort Hill for a few days, taking a photograph of it every couple of days. I had no idea what it was, or even if it was a wildflower. The bud caught my attention; it was so pretty. (Click Blog link to see sequence of bud blooming.)

It finally bloomed and it is gorgeous! But I have no idea what it is. I cannot find it in any of my books or apps. Can anyone help me identify it?

Exquisite, don’t you think? Love the sequence of watching it bloom.

2 thoughts on “Gorgeous White Wildflower At Fort Hill On Cape Cod!”

  1. These are better than a time lapse film!
    I especially like the one of the partially opened bud.
    I have no idea of the name of the flower :-)!

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