Diamondback Terrapin Turtle Walking Through Our Yard On Cape cod!


There is never a dull moment in our yard here on Cape Cod! When we saw the Box Turtle lay her eggs the other day, we thought that was really cool. Then yesterday we had a Diamondback Turtle just walk through our yard. It was so awesome! 

“The Diamondback Terrapin is a species of turtle native to the brackish coastal tidal marshes of the eastern and southern United States. The common name refers to the diamond pattern on top of its shell. Adult Diamondback Terrapins mate in the early spring, and clutches of 4-22 eggs are laid in the sand dunes in the early summer. They hatch in the late summer or early fall.” We wondered if this one had come by to find a place to lay her eggs. We did not see that happen. 

Diamondback Terrapin are classified as Near Threatened, so care is taken to make sure they can make it. If you see one on the side of the road, you are supposed to pick it up and help it get to the other side. If it is near the salt marsh and there is a wire fence by the road, put it over the fence closer to the marsh. This will ensure that they won’t get run over by other cars.

I posted the 2nd photograph so you can see the distinct coloring on the underside. He was resting in the shade of a rock in our back yard.

Love it!

2 thoughts on “Diamondback Terrapin Turtle Walking Through Our Yard On Cape cod!”

  1. This sure is one very cool turtle!! Love your pictures of this fine fellow or gal and also love the info you provided. Thanks so much, Mel!

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