The Monarch Butterfly’s Eggs Are Now Caterpillars On Cape Cod!


The Monarch butterflies fly all the way up north from Mexico to lay their eggs on the underside of Milkweed plants.  These eggs will grow into a beautiful caterpillar like this one which goes through 5 stages and eventually makes its own chrysalis. It will emerge as a gorgeous Monarch butterfly! The new Monarch butterfly will get strong enough to make the journey back south before the weather gets too cold. Amazing, don’t you think?

Have you ever seen a Monarch caterpillar? We had a chrysalis hanging from one of the shingles on our house last fall. I sure hope we see another one this year!

One thought on “The Monarch Butterfly’s Eggs Are Now Caterpillars On Cape Cod!”

  1. Hard to believe that this creature, whose head kind of reminds me of a bulldog, will become a beautiful monarch. Wow!

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