Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly In Provincetown On Cape Cod!

I had a little extra time on my way to Provincetown, so I stopped at the Beech Forest Trail to see what I could find. Oh my! Thank goodness I brought my camera! There were birds, butterflies and dragonflies galore! And I didn’t even have to walk more than 10 yards. Wow! (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

This Red-spotted Purple butterfly landed at my feet while I was photographing a  dragonfly. I had never seen this gorgeous blue butterfly before, so it was fun to come home and do a little research. I had no idea what it was.

The Red-spotted Purple butterfly ¬†is 3-3.5″ and black with iridescent blue at the borders above with several white spots at FW tips. The underside was so totally different with brick-red marks.

Such a cool find… have you ever seen a Red-spotted Purple butterfly?


2 thoughts on “Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly In Provincetown On Cape Cod!”

  1. One of these beauties greets me everytime I leave my house. They seem to like people. Or may they’re just curious?

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