The Baltimore Orioles Will Be Migrating Soon From Cape Cod!

It seems like we wait all winter for the Baltimore Orioles to arrive in the spring. They usually make their appearance the first week of May and it is such a treat! They are so colorful and their song is so beautiful and they stay all summer. (Click on blog link for more photographs.)

And now that summer is winding down, we cherish each day that we see them at the feeder. They usually start their southern migration at the end of August… which could be any time now. The past few days have been so busy at the feeder. I’ve been filling it with grape jelly at least 3 times a day. We keep wondering if they are “eating up a storm” so they have the energy to fly so far. They will go to Florida, Central America or northern South America. Wow!

The first photograph is of an adult male in its gorgeous orange coloring waiting patiently for the feeder to be free. Isn’t he just beautiful?! The 2nd photograph is of 2 Baltimore Orioles enjoying their jelly at Phil’s custom feeder. And the 3rd photograph shows you how our feeder has been Grand Central Station for the past few days. There is always a line but they are always very patiently waiting…

We sure will miss them when they go… they have been so much fun to have in our yard all summer.



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