Nauset Beach Grass In Black And White Or Color Photograph?


We got a little bit of snow here in Orleans on Cape Cod yesterday so I thought I’d go down to Nauset Beach and take some photographs.

There was still a little bit of snow on the dunes so I clicked away.


Do you like the black and white photograph or the color one better? I couldn’t decide.

They both give such a different feeling…

3 thoughts on “Nauset Beach Grass In Black And White Or Color Photograph?”

  1. When you did this for your Rockies photos, I usually liked the color photos best, but even though I like both of these … I gotta admit that I like the black & white photo of the dune grass better. I particularly liked your flora/fauna photos while you were in the Rockies and I look forward to more Cape flora/fauna. Beaches and fences are cool too, but I personally like the birds, bees, fish, turtles, muscrats & flowers, plants, trees etc. (all of nature’s critters !). Predicting a big snow here in Maryland this weekend, guess you’ll probably get some too.

    1. Russ, I am also looking so forward to taking photographs of “nature’s critters” in all forms and learning about all about everything new here. It will be so much fun. Spring will be here before we know it!

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