Update On The Hermit Thrush At Our Home On Cape Cod.

I posted a blog about this Hermit Thrush that I saw in our yard a couple of weeks ago. Well, it kept hanging out in our backyard and was trying desperately to get the mealworms from the Bluebird feeder. I tried raising the cover of the Bluebird feeder, but it was still too big to  get at them.

I remembered a glass jelly feeder that we had for the Baltimore Orioles that I thought might be just perfect. I filled it with mealworms and have had a faithful visitor every day since then.

It’s so much fun to see him every day, many times a day,  and know that he really likes our yard… and our food!

(Did you see the”surprise” bird in the tree in the background? It showed up just as I was taking the photograph. It looks like a Song Sparrow.)

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