Lone Yellow Daffodil In The Woods Behind Our Home On Cape Cod!


When we moved to Cape Cod a few years ago, I noticed this bit of yellow in the woods behind our house. I thought it was a piece of trash. Was I pleasantly surprised to see that it was a lovely yellow Daffodil! (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

How on earth did it  get there? My neighbor and I think a squirrel must have brought it there when it was digging for nuts. Can you see it in the 2nd photograph? It’s right in the middle of the picture!

With the cold weather we’ve had the past week or so, I thought that it would be late in blooming this year. But, it’s about 3 weeks ahead of schedule from years past. Maybe from the mild winter that we had?

Pretty, don’t you think? (It’s a little droopy because the temps haven’t gotten much above freezing the past couple of days!) I sure am ready to put my winter parka away!

One thought on “Lone Yellow Daffodil In The Woods Behind Our Home On Cape Cod!”

  1. Not exactly Wordsworth’s “host” but definitely “beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”


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