Beautiful Little House Finch At Our Home On Cape Cod.

House Finches do winter here on Cape Cod, but I haven’t seen them since last summer until… Two of them showed up at our bird feeder a couple of weeks ago. I loved this little one’s expression. Precious, isn’t it?
I thought I would post this photo in honor of my Dad. He would have been 100 years old today.  He taught me all about birds and instilled in me a love of birding when I was a little girl. I remember sitting on the patio and him saying, “There’s a Towhee!” You can hear his call, “Drink your tea!” It was the first bird call that I learned.
So, Happy 100th Birthday, Dad. Thank you for the gift of birding and love of nature. I miss you.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Little House Finch At Our Home On Cape Cod.”

  1. A sweet photo, and an even sweeter memory.

    Smith staff always enjoyed his company at his home during our summer get togethers.

    Happy 100!

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