Always Changing Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

Yesterday was  a beautiful day on Cape Cod… sunny and windy. We took a ride to Coast Guard Beach to picnic in the car and then take a walk on the beach. It was pretty warm at our house so we didn’t even think of bringing our winter parkas. That was a mistake.  (Click on blog link to see other photo.) With the water temps about 42 degrees and a brisk wind, it was very chilly by the water. We only walked a bit down the beach as we knew it would be much colder walking back.

We were surprised by the huge piles of debris in front of the dunes by the entrance trail to the beach. The tides were pretty high last weekend during he storm. Did they wash out this much debris from the top of the dunes? It was about 2.5 hours past high tide when we got to the beach but the water was still really high. You could only walk toward Nauset Spit as the beach toward Naught Light was still under water.



One thought on “Always Changing Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.”

  1. How quickly things change at the shore!

    Yet, this looks the way it did many years ago when my daughter and a friend built a sandcastle at the foot of similar dunes.

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