New Ponds On The Back Side Of Coast Guard Beach On Cape cod.

Coast Guard Beach extends into a little peninsula that leads to Nauset Spit, with the ocean on one side and Nauset Marsh on the other.  Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Beach were once connected, but now they are not. Nauset Spit is a narrow body of water deep enough for the boats to go in and out of Nauset Marsh and Orleans Cove. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

You can walk to the end of Coast Guard Beach and turn around or you can proceed further and walk along the marsh side. There used to be  a little trail that eventually would lead you back to the beach. Now there are several ponds that are there all the time. You can see they get higher at high tide. You can still find that trail, but it is not as easy.

Such a different view than in years past, don’t you think? There’s very little grass on the salt marsh side.

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